When you will be up here, enjoying the fantastic panorama while flying your "HIRUNDOTM",


Specifications : Weght-shift controlled microlight aircraft. Structure in aluminium alloy and steel. Purposely designed or re-structured hang glider wing.Wing dimensions and loads: dipending on payload. Min. wing area 16 sq/m.(170 sq/ft.), max. wing area 18 sq/m.(190 sq/ft.). Weight of the tryke unit( excluding wing): 75-80 kg. Max. payload: 125kg. Power plant: Zenoah G50C two stroke engine with specially designed tuned exhaust system (52 HP @ 5800 rpm), driving trhough a reduction a 1500 mm. diameter pusher propeller. Take off speed: 35-55 km/h. Landing speed: 45-55 km/h. Cruising speed: 80 km/h. Take off distance : 25-45 m. Landing distance: 40-65 m.(applying brake). Max. rate of climb: depending on wing used, up to 500 m/min. (1500 ft/min). Design standards : +(-) 6 G.

The plans for the construction of the "HIRUNDOTM"are the result of 25 years of theoretical and practical knowledge and experience. They are very detailed, with several tables and a step by step instruction manual which includes directives on structural and sail reinforcing of suitable hang glider wings.

Price of plans : AUD 120 + 10 (postage and handling)

To order, please transfer the amount, in Australian dollars,  to the following Paypal account:

msmprod@optusnet.com.au  together with your address.

Your set of plans will be sent to you by airmail as soon as your payment will be received.

For any questions or further information please e-mail me


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