IRRESPECTIVE of your age, if you are a child, a teen, or a cycling glory of the past,


or simply somebody that wishes to keep fit and enjoy a speedy ride in a super tricycle,

we have what you need!

Introducing the "QUICKWHEELERTM"

Specifications:*recumbent* tricycle. Welded steel structure.Front steering with inbuilt geometry, tow-in and wheel camber (27" wheels). Purposely designed and built front wheels with drum brakes. Gearshift, collapsable handlebar and adjustable distance between seat and pedals. Seat in canvas and steel tube. Tyres: 27"x1-1/4. Weight: 11.8 kg. Max. speed reached: 68 km/h on flat asphalted surface. Pre-disposed for mini-engine adaptation.

**This means that, due to the very low and reclined position of the rider, the air resistance (typically absorbing up to 80% of the power produced by a rider pedalling in upright position) is substantially reduced, allowing the same speed to be achieved with 50% less effort. With a faired version of the"QUICKWHEELER", a speed of over 90 km/h has been reached by normal rider on a flat asphalted surface.

Price of plans for QuickwheelerTM: AUD 90+10 (postage and handling)

To order, please transfer the amount, in Australian dollars,  to the following Paypal account:  together with your address.

Your set of plans will be sent to you by airmail as soon as your payment will be received.

For any questions or further information please e-mail me


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