" ... It looked nice, but...."

"When I saw the Quasar for the first time, I thought it was a really great idea, but when I tried it.... well, I certainly rode easier two wheelers before. At the top of that, a single seater is not really the answer for touring and enjoying your ride.

So, I started to think about the possibility of designing and producing a shuttle that suited most motorcycles ( sometimes with minor changes) and I arrived to create these canopies, which are all easily fitted and removable when required.

The materials I used are easily found and not very expensive, and with an excellent safety record. My canopies have all been approved by the R.T.A. (Melbourne, Australia) and I and other motorcyclists have been using them since 1973 without any preoblems or accidents.

Bruno De Michelis

About the BMW R65 : "...the see-through fairing provides near-total protection against the elements and an improvementin fuel consumption... it was uncannily quiet and still behind the screen, with its twin stereo speakers and high mounted rear mirrors... the bike seemed to handle just as well as my own unfaired example... the front end stability was excellent, as the fairing's contours were curved there so that wind from the bike's forward motion created ground effect...

S.W., Motorcycle Sport, England, Sept 1992.

Introducing: the "DOLPHINTM"!



About the Yamaha V 535 " DOLPHIN" : " ....the Dolphin, designed and constructed by Bruno De Michelis, carries full RTA certification... the 11 kg. unit has undergone extensive wind-tunnel testing ... the transparent fairing also encloses the engine, lower its operating temperature ( ram air system) and keeps your legs dry ... So, what's it like to ride? " Motorcycle News" staff found the bike remarcably stable, Pettendy proclaiming it to be even more protective and functional than the new Japan-only Honda 'Cabina' he sampled...."

from " Dolphin surfaces..." Australian Motorcycle News, June 1995.

Specifications : silica coated polycarbonate, welded steel tube and pop-riveted construction, with 8 bolting points to the frame of the various motorcycles. Aerodynamically and structurally stable ( even in windy conditions) and robust, the fairing creates a weather-proof enviroment and a very comfortable ride. Set up time : 20 minutes. Optional windscreen wiper design included. Full approval by R.T.A. of Australia.

The plans for the "DOLPHINTM" are very clear and very easy to follow, with 6 explanatory tables and step by step instructions.

Price of plans : AUD 90 +10 (postage and handling)

To order, please transfer the amount, in Australian dollars,  to the following Paypal account:

msmprod@optusnet.com.au  together with your address.

Your set of plans will be sent to you by airmail as soon as your payment will be received.

For any questions or further information please e-mail me


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