It does not really matter, if you are riding on this fantastic machine:

introducing the "SKIMFUNTM"!


With its crush-absorbing, easy to repair body, a 300% buoyancy, its incredible stability and a manouvrability that many other vessels cannot even come close to, this craft is the answer to the recreational and professional requirements of any kind of user.

Specifications : air cushion surface skimmer. Construction : styrofoam/fibreglass sandwich with marine plywood inserts. Dimensions : Length : 3.6 m. Width :1.8 m. Height :1.25 m. Weight : 120 kg. Power plant : Zenoah G50C two stroke engine with specially designed and manufactured tuned exhaust system ( 52 HP @ 5800 rpm) driving through a reduction an eight bladed fan ( 900 mm. diameter). Air delivery : 80%-20%. Skirt : air bag in neoprene impregnated nylon. Obstacle clearance : 250 mm. Fuel consumption : 7-11 lt/h. Max. cruise speed : 80+km/h. Max. payload : 200 kg. Steering : four parallel rudders at the rear of the fan duct.


The plans for this vehicle are easy to follow and very detailed, with several tables and explanatory designs, which include the draft for a suitable trailer and a step-by-step manual.



Price of plans : AUD 90 +10 (postage and handling)

To order, please transfer the amount, in Australian dollars,  to the following Paypal account:  together with your address.

Your set of plans will be sent to you by airmail as soon as your payment will be received.


For any questions or further information please e-mail me

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