Pilots say : "...it feels like something out of this world!...its safer, practical, economical, fulfilling and most exciting!"

Experience the feeling and the pleasure of travelling at an exilarating speed on a cushion of air just above the surface. Construct a safe, controllable, economical vessel with our easy to follow, practical plans and... what should I say : fly it? drive it? ride it? The choice is yours!


Specifications : wingspan 7.3 m./ lenght 7.5 m./ height 2 m.

Construction : aviation grade spruce/marine plywood/styrofoam composite covered in epoxy/fibreglass. All the fittings in stainless steel. Flexidrive control lines.

Power plant : Zenoah G50C two stroke engine with specially designed and built exhaust system, diving through a reduction drive a 1500 mm. two blades propeller.

Max. take-off weight : 450 kg ( max. payload 200 kg)

Take-off distance ( depending on payload) : 60-100 m.

Fuel tank : 60 l. Endurance : 6-7 hours at cruise speed.

Cruise speed :100 km/h. at 1-3 meters from the surface.

Minimum turning radius (at 10 meters from the surface) : 55 m.

The plans for the "DRAGONFLYTM" include all the important profiles in FULL SIZE, a 25 pages easy to follow building manual and 16 tables with detailed designs.

Price of plans : AUD 120+10 (postage and handling) 

To order, please transfer the amount, in Australian dollars,  to the following Paypal account:

msmprod@optusnet.com.au  together with your address.

Your set of plans will be sent to you by airmail as soon as your payment will be received.


For any questions or further information please e-mail me

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